Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tell Me The Truth Already!

Lying. Is there anything worse? I hate being lied to. Nothing boils my blood more than when someone says they will do something and they don't...or if they start telling me a story that I know is total nonsense.
Some lies are just exaggerations. Ex: "I lost 50 lbs." Oh really? Is that why you're still the same size? 15 lbs, maybe 20, but 50? Nope. I'm happy for you that you are losing weight but really there is no need to lie.
Some lies are unbelievable. Ex: "This isn't what it looks like." Oh really? So you hang out in bed naked with all your friends? Why is there an empty condom wrapper on the floor? Were you blowing it up to celebrate being naked?
It's shameful people actually think you're so stupid as to believe lines like that!
Some lies are a last resort when they feel backed up against a wall. They lie to get out of a situation. Then they lie to get out of the lie. As anyone knows, it's the "snowball effect". We all know what giant snowballs do, right? They crush things in their path.
I get into the debate about lying with my female and male friends alike. The guys always insist that women get mad when you tell them the truth. My first question: If you love your significant other, why are you doing something so stupid you have to lie about it? Women don't get mad when you tell them the truth. True, the truth might be really hurtful but at least she can respect you for not lying. Honestly, your actions might warrant some anger. Why not take some blame before calling your woman 'crazy'?
Again, the boys take issue. So for those that believe women are emotional and crazy, riddle me this: When your woman FOUND OUT something then you lied about it to her face, how mad was she? When you lied again to cover your tracks, what happened?
A mature person in a relationship will take the truth as it comes. The worst thing you can do is lie. If your SO has the evidence right in your face, it's time to fess up immediately. If it really is a misunderstanding, CALMLY explain so. However, let's watch the amount of times there is a 'misunderstanding' as well. Shady behavior will most likely not be tolerated. Even in a relationship where trust has never come into question, shady behavior will cause cracks in the foundation.
The best solution would be to stop doing things that would need a lie or cover-up. If your relationship survives, please understand what it takes to give someone a second chance and don't blow it again. Once trust is broken, it takes a lot to gain it back. Some people never get back to what their relationship used to be.
Ask yourself this: How much does this person mean to me? If a person means anything to you, they deserve the truth. Lying will get you nowhere. Honesty and communication will take you far.