Mommy Moments

I love being a Mom. You can read about it on my Mommy Blog, but here is a little insight into our relationship...

~My nickname for her is Mini. It stands for Mini-Me because she looks exactly like me. Our baby photos are nearly identical. Were it not for the poorer picture quality and the hideous 80s couches in mine, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

~We don't do the whole Santa Claus thing. He is a character from stories. She gets her presents from us and other family members. I don't mind other people who do Santa and I don't judge them. I just don't do it.

~We love painting. I prefer using a brush. Mini loves getting her fingers in there. I keep a lot of newspaper on hand for her finger painting adventures.

~Mini loves to help me bake. Her apron and chef hat are always in the kitchen. She knows she will most likely get the beaters when we're done, if she catches me before I toss them in the sink. She is getting pretty good at frosting cupcakes and cookies. Decorating cakes is my passion, but the cupcakes are hers :)

~We LOVE our car karaoke! She loves to sing as much as I do. She loves Kelly Clarkson, Adele, New Kids on the Block and classic hair band rock.

~I'm jealous of her curly curly hair. When it rains, it turns into ringlets. My hair was pin-straight until I was 13. Perms were a sheer vanity project and one finally took when I was 13. I've had wavy/curly hair ever since. Now I straighten it. I know. The irony burns me in the form of a flat iron!

~Mini thinks it's hilarious that I have bins everywhere. She doesn't understand or appreciate my organizational skills right now, but one day she will.

~We love coming up with new smoothie recipes. We are always trying to figure out things that will go together. One of our fave concoctions involved Nutella, peanut butter, bananas, fat free ice cream (blends easier), milk and tagalongs. So yummy!

~I always tell her she is beautiful and to never forget that. She says "Mommy you are too because you look like me." Smart kid :)

~Mini is both compassionate and empathetic. If you are crying, she hugs you and asks you what's wrong. She will get tissues for you and tell you it will be okay. She is amazing for this.

~She 'takes care' of me when I'm not feeling well. Actually, she tells me to lay down on the couch and rest. When I "fall asleep" she runs into the kitchen and tries to raid the snack cabinet. Nice try!

One of my favorite Mommy Moments is: I tell her she is my favorite daughter and she says I'm her favorite mommy. It melts my heart every time..

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