Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day Came & Went...

...and I didn't post anything.
My daughter and her father made me breakfast in bed. She drew me a ton of pictures and wished me a "Happy Mother's Day" all day long. I love that kid!
Mother's Day has many meanings to me. As a mother, it is MY day. To do what? I have no clue. People celebrate all different ways. I was expecting nothing so breakfast in bed and endless drawings and cards were a beautiful thing!
It is also a day I take to honor two ladies who both mean the world to me: My Mom and my Mother. My Mother gave birth to me. My Mom adopted me and raised me. My Mom is still alive. My Mother passed away in 2000. The real surprise? They were friends. Seriously! My adoption was refreshingly open. My Mom tells me it spoke a lot about my Mother's character that she was able to befriend her. They honestly liked each other. They respected each other's roles in my and my younger sister's life.
My Mom helps me with the day-to-days of being a Mom. I call her with all sorts of questions. "Is this normal?" "What should I do for her now?" "Does this sound like (insert illness or ailment here)?" At times, she misses my Mother almost as much as I do. We talk about Mother and her life, what she went through, what I've learned from it all and how much she would have loved my daughter.
My Mother is missed every day of my life. Given how sick she was, I feel lucky to have had her for as long as I did. She taught me a lot about grace and strength. It breaks my heart she will never meet her grandbaby, but I hope one day my daughter will be willing to listen and absorb all the lessons her Grandma left behind for her.
Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day. I did :)

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