Thursday, January 17, 2013

Yeah. So That Happened...

I'm not making any resolutions this year. Sorry to bust some bubbles, but I'm not. Last year, I made a resolution to keep from getting sick. I spent most of December sick. Not just sick, but SIIIICK. I was bed-ridden for two weeks. Good ole asthmatic bronchitis struck again. I've gotten it every year since I was about 16, but never like this. When I'm out in the cold too long, my lungs have an allergic reaction. Basically, I'm allergic to cold weather.
I try to avoid doctors for the most part. I couldn't stop coughing in the beginning of December though. It was affecting my sleep (I wasn't getting any) and my food intake (I would get nauseous after a coughing fit and toss my cookies every time I ate). The doctor prescribed medications and sent me on my way. I went home, medicated and passed out. That didn't last long as Mini's school nurse called and said she needed to get picked up. Oh great.
The next few days were a blur, but I wasn't getting any better. I call the doc again. He prescribes me two meds. Tassaslon (a cough suppressant) and Levaquin. For those of you who don't know, Levaquin is what they give to people with anthrax. I'm not joking. It was right there in black and white on the script sheet. I started to cry. "I thought he said it was just asthmatic bronchitis. What the hell does he think I have?"
One of the side effects of Levaquin is tendon tenderness. NOT. FUN. Mini touched my arm and it felt like she stabbed me. I could barely lift a cup to drink out of. It was horrible.
A few days later, I started to feel a little better. I had forgotten to take the Levaquin for 2 days. In my head, I thought "Hm. If I take the med now I should feel better faster.' Umm, no. By the next morning, I was worse. Then, I was just mad. I called my doc yet again and managed to choke out a piece of my mind between coughing fits. I go into the office and see the PA. I leave the office with a better cough suppressant (YAY SLEEP!) and after a nebulizer treatment.
It was the Saturday before Christmas Eve that I started really feeling better. The problem? I was hosting CE dinner! I almost made myself sick again running around trying to get 3 weeks worth of errands and work into about 3 days. I did it though.
Since we had family in town after Christmas, the whole week was a blur of get-togethers and fun.
When the new year hit, I was determined to get back to a routine. Well, I ended up running myself ragged and into the ground. I was resting during the day while Mini was at school because my strength levels were down and I had only a limited time to get things done. Blogging took a back seat to life.
I'm back now and feeling better than I did beforehand.
I don't resolve to keep up with my blogging...
I WILL keep up with my blogging. :)


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