Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Hate Valentine's Day.. Seriously!

I will never understand why people love February 14th so much. Valentine's Day is the stupidest holiday on the calendar. The story of St. Valentine is good. It is worth spreading. Just like any other holiday that has a central figure for whatever religion your practice, it has become nothing but a commercial farce.

Let's discuss my main reasons for hating the day..
On the one hand, all your single female friends say "Happy Single Awareness Day" and get all pissy, moaning about how they are single and hate the day. They tweet and update their statuses a zillion times hating on not only everyone who got something, but every ex they ever had. They always have stuff to say and it's never positive. It's downright annoying.
On the other hand, you have those femmes who are lucky (or unlucky, whatever) enough to be in relationships and all they do is demand things. "There had better be flowers delivered to me at my job." "I expect jewelry, clothes, and a few other things." ARE YOU KIDDING ME???
You JUST had Christmas less than 2 months ago. How many 'special' days do you need? You get your birthday, Christmas AND your anniversary (dating or wedding). You want ANOTHER day, you selfish ass?

My favorites are the ones who brag about how much stuff their man got them for both Christmas and VDay, then take the rest of the year to whine how they aren't engaged yet. Umm HELLO! If you stopped demanding so many things all year long, maybe he could spring for a ring!
Well, it could be that he doesn't want to marry you. He is holding off as long as he can to be sure. He showers you with gifts whenever you want them, but runs when marriage talk comes up.
Sound familiar?

It's whatever though. The day sucks.
Let's move on to St Patrick's Day. Now THAT is a holiday I can get into.. Booze and fun? Sign. Me. Up.

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