Monday, April 9, 2012

Biggest Regret Reveal: Romantic?

"My biggest regret was not being with you when I had the chance".

Do you find that statement romantic? When it was said to me, I absolutely called bullshit. My question to them was if you deemed me 'undate-able' back then, what is so different now? The way I saw it was this person had no romantic entanglements at the moment and was trying to see if there was a chance I would take the bait. As I was discussing with a friend, she said "Aw that is so romantic. He wants to rekindle what you might have had."
Sorry, but no. I think that is just sad and pathetic, to be honest.
If you wanted to be with me, you should have taken the chance when it was offered. Plus, he is basically telling me that he wasn't 100% in his last relationship, which lasted almost 9 years. That is supposed to make him more attractive? That is a ridiculously long time to be with someone when your heart is elsewhere. Am I supposed to jump at the chance to be with someone who was mentally cheating on his girlfriend? He chose her over me. Plain and simple. So now that he is willing to give "us" a shot, I should fall into his arms and let him sweep me off my feet?

No thanks!



  1. Ew girl me neither! And I completely agree! If you lost that chance at the time of the loss, you lost it forever. His "biggest regret" should have being the douche-bag that lost you in the first place knowing he could never have you again. Let him keep that so-called regret. You can do muuuuch better :)

    1. I'm glad the comments and emails I've gotten from this post have agreed with me! The friend who said it was 'romantic' has even changed her mind! Lol. Power of persuasion :)