Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Little Thing Called Women's Intuition Told Me So

A woman's intuition is an extremely powerful mind process. Some don't believe in it. Men hate it's existence. "It's not real" or "It's bullshit" are usually the claims. If they start with this, there is only one reason: they have been caught. That little thing called women's intuition did them in. Their ex got a feeling, acted on it and justified or not, the outcome was not what they wanted. 
Call it a feeling in your gut, bones, whatever. It's real.
A woman just KNOWS things, plain and simple. She can sense if her man (or woman, I don't judge) is cheating, if something is wrong with a loved one, if her child needs help, anything. It might start as a random thought, then it becomes a 'might-happen', then the intuition kicks in and sometimes bad things are prevented.
What is the difference between intuition and paranoia? Is there one?
Yes. If you sit and think about what is bothering you (rationally of course), you can decide on your own. Ask a friend or family member for their advice. Another person's point of view sometimes helps. Intuition is a feeling something is wrong. Paranoia drives you crazy thinking the worst.
I will use myself as an example. One day, my husband came home from work, babbling on about some chick he worked with. I thought nothing of it because I'm not a jealous person. Next thing, they became Facebook friends. Again, nothing new. He had a bunch of people from work on there. She started commenting on everything he posted. I was a little 'wtf' but not letting it bother me. Two days later, I couldn't shake the feeling something was up. It came out of nowhere! My intuition kicked in and I called a friend of mine. She told me that seemed kind of fishy and to investigate. I did. What I found truly shocked me. I found a post he made to her page that seemed a little friendlier than it should have been. I asked him about it and he buckled and muttered something. THEN my paranoia kicked in. I became the person I hated most - the snooping wife. He was obsessively looking at her photos while at work WITH HER! I later found out they had been texting... and even calling. The cell phone bill came in one month and he tore me a new one about all my usage. I thought 'no way' and checked the bill. My heart dropped. I was right. It wasn't me! My paranoia ended up validating my intuition.

Should you act on your intuitions? That is up to you. Think about it rationally and if the situation feels right and all the pieces fit, then by all means do what you feel is right.

What do you think? Is women's intuition bull or the real thing?


  1. Wow, so what happened with him? Did you call him out on it? Was he really cheating? Cheating can be such an addictive thing too I read. There's a book by Willard Harley I read called His Needs Her Needs... it talks about how easy it can be for a husband or wife to fall into a cheating relationship. Sorry to hear that this happened to you, and hope that things turned out all right for you!

    1. We're married, but not 'together' if that makes sense. Since I am a stay-at-home and have no income, I would lose my medical benefits (plus he would take my car). I am not one to skirt an issue. I called him out on it. I had the evidence in my hand but like anything else with him, his motto is "LIE LIE LIE". I decided I couldn't be with someone who was like that and emotionally disconnected.
      We are at least coming to a point where we can be civil with each other. No one in his family has any clue things are the way they are. I won't reconcile with him, but I know right now he won't sign divorce papers so there has been ongoing discussions. It's a mess to sort out.