Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sounds of Spring

Mother Nature did right by us this weekend. It's currently raining and chilly so she maintains her fickle status, but at least Saturday was beautiful!

Saturday was 54 degrees. A sunny, clear 54. It felt warmer, although anything above 50 feels 'warm' now. it was an open-the-windows-to-get-rid-of-winter-germs kinda day.
Aah the sounds of spring..
Birds chirping..
Lawn mowers going..
Neighbor kids laughing and yelling..
Neighbor kids hurling threats to kill each other over basketball..
Teenage girls complaining and gossiping..
I need to keep my office window closed!

It was a great Spring day so we took full advantage. On a whim, the husband decided to finally put a paving stone walkway on the side yard leading to the back. He went to the store, came home then looked at me.
Here is the difference between us: MY parents used to take "spring cleaning" to heart and rearrange the yard, plant new stuff, clean cabinets and stuff inside, you get the idea. It was always an "all hands on deck" series of projects, every single year. HIS parents, on the other hand, never forced him to do much yard work, save for mowing the lawn once in a while. He never did any landscaping or anything so he had no idea how to proceed.
I knew doing the project together would probably end with him on the ground with my hands around his throat, so I gave him instructions then demonstrated on one and left him to his lonesome. I didn't really care what it looked like when it was done. I knew I could futz around with it later, but it didn't come out half-bad.

Winter certainly did a number on our yard (and our fencing) so I'm hoping we can turn it around by Mini's birthday party in June. Here's hoping!

Happy Easter to all who celebrate. Happy Candy Day for those who don't :)
How was your weekend? 

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