Friday, March 15, 2013

An Accident and The Fix

After 2 weeks of waiting and wondering, my 07 Equinox is back in my driveway and I couldn't be happier!
A couple of weeks ago, it was snowing really bad. My husband had taken my truck to work and had gotten into an accident. Thankfully, it wasn't his fault and there was little damage to my car (or so we thought). The front bumper had a sizeable dent in it and I could see a small piece of the grill had cracked. We debated on whether we should even bother fixing it. 
I had noticed it drove a little differently, but of course I was told it was all in my head (typical dude response). My husband asked me if I felt the need to have it fixed being that there was "barely any damage". I said yes for cosmetic purposes (I'm strangely protective of my car) and because my gut said I should. 
Good thing I listened to myself!
The body shop had my truck for about a week before the new bumper came in. I was driving a rental car which I absolutely hated. I had no elbow room. The sideview mirrors were so so so tiny. The rearview mirror was smaller. There was no rear wiper. I missed my truck something fierce! Mini enjoyed the rental (hello sunroof!) and I was grateful to have it, but I was miserable driving it. Let's not forget my knee problems and the fact that it was causing me pain getting in and out of the car. So anyways, the new bumper came in and they took off the old one. 
Bad news.
There was more damage behind the bumper than they originally thought. I almost had a breakdown when my husband called me. I thought I was going to have to end up getting a new car. I was afraid it wouldn't drive the same. "Once you start screwing with the underbelly of a car, it's never the same" is what everyone told me. After another week of worrying, I got my truck back. It feels a little different, but I think that might be due to me getting used to the other car. 
I hope so. 
I love my Silver Bullet (If you've ever seen me drive, you'll know why I named her this). 
I'm not ready to give her up!

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