Sunday, February 24, 2013

Siblings: Rivalry or Revelry?

I have a lot of siblings, as I have mentioned before. If this is the first post of mine you're reading, I have 12 siblings total.  I need a flowchart to explain so just take it as fact :)

My sister T4 and I went into foster care and were adopted together. She was the only sibling I had that was there the "whole time".  We are just under 3 years apart and she turned 29 today. (Don't bother with the math. I'll be 32 in September). We love each other madly but tortured the hell out of each other as well growing up. We were each other's biggest cheerleaders and harshest critics. We had 3 of those 36-gallon totes of Barbie stuff that includes 4 vehicles, 23 dolls, random playsets (pool and dune buggy) and hoards of clothes. That never stopped us from clawing each other's eyes out over a stupid dress though. Seriously, we were a smudge disturbed. We would happily tie ribbons around the dolls and swing them around. Disturbed? Okay, more like we were insane..

We had the best times playing together and honestly, my worst fights with anyone were with her. It still happens from time to time. We fight, scream, curse, hit below the belt and stop talking for months. It's funny that no matter how much older we get, we revert right back into kid-mode when it comes to our families.

There is a pecking order in most families (not necessarily in AGE order) and let's face it, some people just bring certain parts of our personalities to light. I saw it with my husband's family as well. Months ago, both of his older brothers were in town. They had not been in the same place (all 3 of them) for years. I watched as his oldest brother ragged onto the middle brother with my husband piggy-backing on the oldest one's quips. I was both shocked and amused by the whole scene.

I see it with aunts and uncles and even cousins as well. People who you only see at weddings and funerals all revert back to their old selves when around certain people. It's fascinating to watch.

So, what is your family like? Do you have the same problems?


  1. My sister and I have been fighting for as long as I can remember. We have totally opposite personalities and they clash...a lot.