Sunday, February 17, 2013

Yup. Sick.. Again!

I wrote about how sick I got right before Christmas already. All throughout January, my daughter and husband tag-teamed me. When one was feeling better, the other would be sick. What does lack of sleep and crazy cold temps bring me?
Yup. Asthmatic bronchitis once again.
I really hate being sick. Coughing takes a lot out of you. I am just exhausted. Finally feeling better and able to get some stuff done this weekend has been a good thing. I missed a family dinner Saturday and my friend's daughter's birthday party today. Truth is, even though I'm feeling somewhat better, I'm afraid to go outside.
Doc wants me to see an asthma specialist to see if there is a more effective way to control this in the winter. I feel like a prisoner in my own house! If the sick wasn't bad enough, we got slammed with snow. One night was 32" followed by an inch a few days later. This week it snowed twice, adding another few inches. You know not enough to cause a scene, but enough to be obnoxious..

Being that I was on the mend and had cancelled plans, I finally went through Mini's room this weekend. We made a donation pile of things to donate to her Grandma's home daycare. We got rid of useless toys she no longer uses and we got the boxes to organize. Her room pretty much looked like a tornado went through then an explosion hit. She likes to take advantage of me being sick :)

I am not a fan of Valentine's Day (as I've mentioned before HERE) and it was a pain to have to help Mini do all the valentines for her class. We had to decorate a box and everything. Well, THAT part I enjoyed. I busted out some decorative duct tape and went to town. Also, I decided that even though I hate the day itself, I shouldn't try and push my view onto my child. Let her decide when she's older how sick VDay makes her (HA!). I discussed it with her father and we decided to surprise her with flowers, a card, balloon and brownies. She was excited about the day and tore into all the candy she received the second she got in the door. I was too sick to really fight her plus she's quick!
I hope to be able to get back into the swing of things this week. I guess I shouldn't jinx myself though. I DID say that after my holiday sickness. :)

How is YOUR February going?

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