Saturday, September 15, 2012


My birthday is September 11th. Yes, you read that right. I bet you couldn't read it without reacting a little bit, huh? I'm used to it by now. Everyone has a reaction. Even if they don't say anything, it's written all over their face. Some examples:
-Years ago, I was on a date. He asked when my birthday was. Since he was a police officer, I hesitated then told him. He got up, walked out and I never heard from him again.
-A little over 8 years ago, I was in a car accident. Several people stood around with clipboards asking for my info. When I gave my birthday, all of them stopped and looked up. I just said "No comments, please. Not in the mood."
-A few years ago, a few friends and I went out for my birthday. Someone at the next table actually yelled at us for celebrating. He told me the day wasn't worth celebrating. I told him it was my birthday. He rolled his eyes and said "Don't lie to me." I showed him my driver's license and told him where he could put his own drink.
Yup. I've gotten used to the weird looks and ridiculous comments. I'm sure Ludacris, Harry Connick Jr, Taraji Henson, Moby, Virginia Madsen, Ed Reed, Lola Falana, Mickey Hart & Tommy Shaw (to name a few) all get the same reactions. Google it. They all share my birthday. To answer your question: I was home enjoying a day off when my sister called my brother to tell him to turn on the news. It was my 20th birthday.


For me, my birthday is a time to reflect on the year and make goals for the next one. So, how did my year go? Meh not so good. I set goals for myself last year and got nothing done. This year, I'm more determined than ever...
*My treadmill and I will remain friends. My knee and I? Not so much. My knee pretty much screams every time the treadmill and I are hanging out. I shut my knee up with some meds because my treadmill has helped me lose 15 lbs so far. Sorry, knee, but I'm sticking with the treadmill.
*My desk WILL be organized. It's coming along nicely already. Most of the stuff is in place and I'm unearthing all the piles of stuff my husband has buried and am going through each thing. I leave no paper unturned.
*I will not be put in the middle anymore. My family does it and sometimes my friends do it. I'm tired of being thrown in the middle of some dramatic standoff. I'm Switzerland. Get used to it.
*I will not only trust my gut, I will listen to it. I always get a feeling about a situation, but I always let my heart win out. I feel sorry and help people who don't deserve it, only for them to take advantage. I'm over doing that.
*I'm going to make more time for my hobbies... and actually finish something!

That's what has been on my mind all week. Here's to being 31 and loving it!

Do you reflect and set goals on your birthday?


  1. Hey people can feel any kind of way they want about your birthday. Your birthday was long before September 11th and its a blessing you continue to have more birthdays. People are just sensitive. I live in NY. As a matter of fact, I work at ground zero. I wasn't there on that day thank God. I was not able to make it in due to circumstances I now see were planned by God.

    I wonder though. When you are asked your birthday do you say "9/11 or September 11th? Curious is all and if that's what gets people.

    Either way happy belated birthday :-)


    1. I say September 11th. I say 9/11 if I have to give the year as well.
      I live in NY too. I guess NYers are more sensitive about it? Not sure.
      And thanks :)

  2. I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Please come check it out! :)