Friday, August 10, 2012

A Time To Be...

This week, I was at two family events: a christening and a funeral. That has never happened to me before and it struck me as a little odd, but very "that's life". Here is my friend's son, 3-month-old A with endless potential just starting his life and there was my Great Uncle F, an 89-year-old Army Veteran who served in World War 2 and was playing online chess with his own son just over a week ago.

A Time To Be Born and A Time To Die

Last Sunday, I held A as he giggled, cooed and cried. He is a happy baby, doing his best to hold his head up and start standing. He is so ready to just be mobile and get going. I thought about how much potential I was holding in my arms at that moment. It's the same feeling I get whenever I hold a baby, including when I held my own. This child might be a doctor and find the cure for Multiple Sclerosis (fingers crossed!) or he might be a firefighter and save a life. He might be a tax agent or an office bigwig. For now, his limit is the crib but soon it will be the sky. I hope the world is kind to him and he gets everything he wants out of it. I was snapped out of my thoughts by a phone call.

As I passed A off to his Mother, I answer a call from my adopted Mom. Great Uncle F passed away that morning. I remember visiting him when I was a kid. He was always so happy to see us, laughing and joking, offering us food.. It was a 2-hour drive to see him, Aunt A and Aunt M, but it was always worth it. We used to get Pizza Hut then there would be some bakery dessert. As a kid, that's food heaven. Here I was at a christening, receiving funeral arrangements. Immediately, I wanted to go. I knew it would be a 2-hour drive there to be there for 2 hours then the drive home, but I didn't care. I wanted to be there. I wanted to see Uncle F and offer my condolences to Aunt M.

Uncle F's obituary was available online and as I read it, I was reminded of all he will be reunited with in the afterlife.. Grandpa (his brother) and his other brothers, Great Grandma, his sister and even his daughter. I decided not to be sad because he is being reunited with his family right now. Pictures of A's christening remind me that when one life ends, another one begins. It's been quite a week. Life is precious. Hug your loved ones.

How is your week going?


  1. Beautiful post and so very true---it usually takes some form of loss to wake us up and make us appreciate the life we have!

    1. Thank you. Unfortunately, that's true. We realized how long it had been since we had seen certain family members. Thanks to FB though we'll all be in touch now!

  2. This is beautiful. I felt this way when my daughter was born, and my father had just passed. Someone said something really sweet to me: "The two propbably met and enjoyed lots of precious time together in heaven."

    That stuck with me and still brings tears to my eyes. Thanks for this reminder of how precious life is, and of the "reunions" ...
    Awesome post!

    1. It was 7+ years between my biological Mother passing and my daughter being born, but I know she has appeared to her. When my daughter is older, I can't wait to tell her about her Grandma..