Thursday, August 2, 2012

This Is Me... Dying of Embarrassment

Once in a while, I like to take Mini out to dinner. It's not usually anywhere fancy being that she's five and all, but we do go out. Last night, I decided to take her to the Smoothie Cafe. If you have never been there, I highly recommend it. They are awesome and it's one of our favorite places to eat. 

We had done some shopping and were getting a little tired, so Mini suggested the Smoothie Cafe and I shrugged and said, "Sure why not?" Excitedly, Mini skips through the parking lot. I tell her I would like to take the food to go this time and ask if she minds. "Nah. We can go home." YES!

She orders, I order and we wait. We have been watching a few Olympic sports at home so she runs over to the flat screen near the opposite counter. Men's Diving is on. 
"Mommy is that the Olympics?"
"Yup. It's diving."
"They have a pool, Mommy. That's called swimming."
I explain the difference and she keeps watching. *BING* Our smoothies are done and we are just waiting on our food. 
She is watching intently. "Mommy..." 
She points to the screen at a swimmer who is a little more *ahem* "equipped" than his teammate and says rather loudly, "Mommy, that man has something on his vagina!"
My jaw drops. I think to myself 'yup that just happened'. I just say "I have no idea how to answer you right now."
The man behind us starts to laugh, then buries his face in his phone, typing furiously. He was probably sharing my daughter's observation with his nearest and dearest. Red-faced, I try and ignore what Mini said and ask her what kind of chair she wants in her room to read her books on. She wants the saucer chair we saw but didn't get. 

OH THANK ALL THAT IS HOLY THE FOOD IS DONE! I take the bag and hightail it out of there. Out of the mouths of babes... comes red-faced embarrassment for the parents. That's how the saying goes right?


  1. LMBO! OMG...I thought I had it in for me with my 4 year old. You should check out my "Aleergic to Grandma and African American Cheese" blog lol. I almost spit coffee everywhere reading this. The Southwest "Wanna get away" commercials come to mind in situations like this!
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    1. OMG! I love it! I commented on it. The 4-6 age is amazing. They start coming out with the craziest things..