Friday, July 6, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 5

"Things You Want To Say To An Ex"

That's the first thing that came to mind. My exes are tools, but they made me into who I am today. I won't say how many of them there were, but it was more than one. Everyone in your life is there to teach you something. Maybe I should thank my exes for the lessons they taught to me..

Thank you Exes 
Thank you for teaching me patience, perseverance and how much I loved being single.
Thank you for pointing out what I DON'T want in a life partner.
Thank you for taking the hint and stopping the late-night calls.
Thank you for sleeping with my friend. That meant so much to me.
Thank you for teaching me how to live with a broken heart.
Thank you for making fun of me. It showed just how pathetic you were.
Thank you for being controlling and possessive. You're right. I should never back down to anyone.
Thank you for showing me how to love and more importantly, how to hate.
Thank you for giving me something to remember and something I would rather forget.
Thank you for letting your dog slobber on my shirt and hump my leg. Guess he learned from you, huh?
Thank you for cheating on me. You're right. I should have had higher standards.
Thank you for proposing to me. It showed you were completely batshit and unworthy of a second date.
Thank you for choosing someone other than me. After your messy break-up with her, I realized it was a blessing she ended up with you.
Thank you for listening to me and repeating everything I did NOT say back to me.
Thank you for picking a fight over nothing.
Thank you for hitting me with a bottle while you were high.
Thank you for slapping my sunburn. You totally deserved being burnt with a cigarette.
Thank you for showing me the beauty of just letting go and moving on.

My dating life has been a roller coaster. To all the exes: thanks for the panic and fear.
At least I now know how to breathe when I feel like my heart will stop :)

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