Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy 90th, Nanny!

Here is my extra post for this month. Tomorrow I resume the 30 Day Challenge..
Everyone has someone who has influenced and/or inspired them in some way. I have a few and one of them is my Grandmother. She turns 90 today, July 2nd, 2012. "Nanny" (as we've always called her) still drives and still works. She is a Senior Companion. Go figure! Ask her what she does and she will tell you "I take little old ladies shopping". The kicker is these women are 10-20 years YOUNGER than Nan.
Last Saturday was her official party. It was amazing having four generations in one place. Nanny, My Father, Me and Mini (my 5yo daughter). The last major birthday party we had for Nanny was her 85th. In one picture, she was holding my then 3-week-old daughter. It is truly incredible watching them together now. Mini is almost 4 feet tall and Nanny has shrunk down to 4'11".
Since Mini will never meet her one Grandma, it thrills me to no end that these two have bonded. They have some pretty interesting conversations. They usually involve a lot of "what?" and "huh?" but are always entertaining.
Nanny and I both have arthritis. On particularly humid or even rainy days, we call each other and discuss what joint hurts and what we have or haven't taken for it. She says, "You know you're old when you start discussing arthritis with your GRANDchildren!" She might be onto something there :)
When you start having kids and growing up, the birthday cards become few and far between. Nanny never misses. I get a card from her every year. I have requested she stop putting money in them, but if she insists, I take her out to dinner and slip it back into her purse. I'm sure she knows I do this, but she doesn't say anything. On my first wedding anniversary, Nanny was in the hospital after having a heart attack. The woman actually apologized because my card would be late. I cracked up! "Nan you can't be serious! Oh goodness. I don't need a card. Just knowing you're going to be okay is enough for me." I did get my card. It was a week late with "Sorry" written all over the back of the envelope. Yup that's my Nanny!
The fact that Nanny can do what she does and get around like she does is truly an inspiration! She has stated that when she passes, she is donating her body to science. Science will be lucky to have her :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANNY!! I know you don't read anything like this, but you already know you inspire me. I just wanted to share that. LOVE YOU MUCHLY!

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