Saturday, July 7, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 6

"Your Views On Mainstream Music"

Oh wow. Where do I begin on this one?
Every time you turn around, there is a "new artist" coming out. It seems like everyone wants to be a music star. Social media has made it possible to gain a fan base before a deal is even signed, but that's not breaking news. Before social media, artists were just that.. artists. They perfected their craft. They worked on actually producing a quality project. Some artists took a year or two to finish an album. Nowadays, artists re-release an album with 4-6 new songs and give it a fancy name. "My Album Plus Some New Stuff" or in other words, "I've Been Too Bust Promoting The Last Album To Make A New One But I Have Done Some New Songs So Here Ya Go". It's irritating. You pay for an album then have to purchase the new one if you happen to like the newer songs.
All this explains why some acts are able to come out of the 80's and 90's and still be making music today, but others that came out in prepackaged fashion last decade (2000-2010) are nowhere to be found. Some dropped away from the music scene to pursue other projects but are back together (HELLO NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK! YAY!) making music, selling records and touring as if it never stopped.

But aside from all that..
Mainstream music is all over the map right now! I never thought I would so many different styles represented on the charts. There is some country, classical, jazz, pop, rap, hip hop, r&b, you name it, there is probably a song or two on there. It makes me happy to see that kind of diversity in music. There is truly something for everybody.

Personally, I do prefer the music from the 80's or 90's. I would rather have a mix cd (YUP I still make those!) of all my old cd's than an mp3 player full of new stuff. I guess my musical tastes are broader than most. My brother used to give me crap for listening to pop until I caught him humming a New Kids on the Block song. Hush, bro. You love it too!


  1. Girl! I am all about 80's music! I love pop and new wave from back then. Really gets me groovy and my heart thumping! :)

    1. I get such guff from my family about it.. They all say I'm stuck in the 80's when truth is I just love good music!