Saturday, July 21, 2012

Blog Challenge: Day 20

"Your Fears"

I think it is always strange when people ask you what your fears are. It's almost like they are trying to find out your vulnerabilities up front. Like so many people I know, I'm terrified of anything with more than 4 legs or less than two, if you know what I mean..
Other than that, my two biggest fears are: 1 - Rejection and 2 - Change.
Both of these things have crippled me at times in one way or another. I don't cope well with change. It's not easy for me at all. Rejection comes in many forms. Whether it's not getting a job I wanted or finding out a friend is only a friend when they need you for something and you get tossed like a piece of garbage when they are done using you. I don't go for things I know I can handle for fear of rejection. The same way I discussed getting motivated being rough, change does not come easy either.
Along with making myself a person I want to be around, I am working on overcoming these two fears as well.

What are you afraid of?

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