Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blog Challenge: Day 23

"Five Words/Phrases That Make You Laugh"

1. "I Keel You." Thank you, Jeff Dunham, for giving us Achmed. Way to stick it to the terrorists!

2. My Favorite Joke:  Two muffins are chillin in an oven. The first turns to the second and says "Gee it's hot in here." The second turns to the first and says "Oh crap! A talking muffin!"

3. "Ha Ha Funny Cause It's True!" or "It's Funny Cause It's Not Funny!" I use both all the time. When I say something sarcastic, I follow it up with this. I heard it on Family Guy. It's actually a great way to explain sarcasm to anyone who doesn't understand :)

4. "Righty Tighty Lefty Loosey, Not Lefty Tighty Mess It Up Cause You're A Loser!"  I know people who get their lefts and rights mixed up. Yes, even as adults, hey hold up both hands in an l-shape to see which is which. Even sadder? They drive like that! This clip is from Regular Show. You only have to watch the first 20 seconds. This guy can barely hold the camera still..

5. "Take A Pill And Cook The Vegetables." I use this when people insist I eat raw veggies. I do like raw spinach and green beans, but everything else has to be cooked..The comedian in this clip has very valid points. I love his stand-up. The video is old but it's still relevant and funny..

What makes you laugh?

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