Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blog Challenge: Day 11

"Describe Your Family"

Anyone who knows my family is chuckling to themselves right now. My family is complicated. My father had children with three women and I'm adopted too. I have two family trees and both are full of nuts! I will try and do this the best I can without confusion. I will break this into two parts, Biological and Adopted. I hope I can make this easy enough to follow along. 
Personally, I have a husband, a child, 2 dogs and a rabbit. Easy peasy.

As I stated before, my father had children with three women. The first woman had a son, my half brother. He has a wife and two kids. The second woman was my mother. They got married, had my older sister and brother, then me, then my younger sister. They divorced after my sister and I were sent into foster care. My Mother passed away in 2000 and had no other children besides the four of us. My father eventually remarried. My stepmom already had an adult child, my stepsister. She has a husband and a child.

Tally for those keeping score: 2 brothers (one is a half), 3 sisters (one step), 1 niece and 2 nephews.
5 siblings. 3 cousins for Mini.

My foster/adopted parents already had 2 older sons. Both are married now with a child each. Next in age order is me and my biological younger sister. Since we already counted her, I'll move on. The next is my sister from another country. After that is a sibling set of four, 3 girls and a boy. Yup, my adopted parents raised 9 children.

Tally: 3 brothers, 4 sisters (not counting the bio sis), 2 nieces.
7 siblings. 2 cousins for Mini.

Grand total: 12 siblings. 5 cousins for Mini.

I decided to leave out my aunts and uncles because I would seriously need a calculator! My oldest living relative is my biological paternal Grandmother. She was the one who turned 90 this month..

My husband has 2 brothers, both older. One has a wife and 2 kids. His parents are still married..
Tally: 2 brothers. 2 cousins for Mini.
After reading about all my siblings, his fam is kinda, well... BORING!  :)

SO.. How many siblings do YOU have? Are any of you adopted or do you have adopted children?

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