Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blog Challenge: Day 26

"Things You Dislike/Like About Yourself"

Where's My "Dislike" Button?

I have detailed a few things already that I dislike about myself... My weight.. My crippling fear of rejection... My inability to adapt to change.. I will add a few things to that list.
My temper. PMS-ing doesn't count. Yes, being a female gives me a free pass to lose my cool once a month so get over it! I'm talking about things that make me see red. While I do have patience, I can NOT tolerate stupidity. I. Just. Can't! I could blame it on my split Irish and German personality (yup the stereotypically drunk AND angry) or genetics (my family is full of bitches) but I know it's just something I have to work on.
I can be a pushover. I give until I can't give anything anymore. I don't expect anything back because I realize some people are selfish, won't change and just expect me to do things for them so they don't feel they owe me anything. I will keep doing things for someone even without so much as a "thanks" because I see a need and I feel I can help. I eventually had to stop. I was being taken advantage of. It hurt me to have to tell someone 'no' but I have to protect myself and my family. I will no longer do anything that will upset my child. It's not my fault all your other friends flaked on you. You trust the wrong people.
I always try to see the good in people, even if they don't deserve it. It's like handing someone a bullet because they missed the first time and ties into being taken advantage of. I always want to believe people are good. Even though they have proved time and time again that they can't be trusted, I still believe there is good somewhere.

A Whole Lotta "Like"

Now that I have aired my grievances about myself, there are a few things I actually like. Seriously!
I'm a good Mother. I'm reminded of this daily in the way my daughter acts. Due to past bonding issues, my pregnancy was a time to reflect and a decision to break the cycle rather than let history repeat itself. I used Motherhood to help myself refuse to follow my given path, rejecting people who loved me because I was afraid of rejection myself. My past was NOT going to define me! I have been complimented by several people (not just family members so there!) on how my daughter acts. It has helped me see that I have overcome what I thought was 'just me'.
I'm an awesome cook. Give me some time and a few random ingredients and I can make a kick-asserole that would make a professional chef proud. I am good at what I do. When I'm not sure, I either improvise or take inspiration from a random site online.
I'm creative. Sometimes, when I browse through Pinterest, I laugh at some of the blog posts touting a "new idea". I think "I've been doing that for years!" It makes me feel a little less crazy about the idea too which is always a good thing :)
I'm funny. I have learned the cardinal rule of story-telling.. "It's all about the delivery." Think about it. Would you rather see/hear Ben Stein tell a joke or see/hear Robin Williams go through his spiel to deliver a punchline? It's not what you say. It's how you say it.
I always try to see the good in people, even if they don't deserve it. This is both a like and dislike. It can be good because it means I give people a second chance. Some people actually deserve the benefit of the doubt. I've been pleasantly surprised by a few.

What do you like/dislike about yourself?

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