Monday, July 30, 2012

Well SOMEBODY Wants Attention Now, Don't You?

I am taking a little break from doing the blog challenge (my other post will be later) to write about something that is a little confusing to me: 

Why do people insist on announcing they need a break from people?

I see it on Facebook, Twitter, etc almost every day. I will give some examples..
"Hi Guys!! Love you all but am taking a break from Facebook!! Leave me a message for when I return!" Um no thanks.
"Wow I am on Twitter waayyy too much. I need a break! I will be back tomorrow!" I await your return, shaking like a fiend until I see your next tweet.
"Taking a 36-38 hour break from FB. See you all when I return." 

My question is WHY? Why do you feel you have to notify people you are taking a break? Do people stalk you so much that you feel their worlds will crumble if you don't update your status or post a pic for a measly 36 hours? 

On the same topic.. My husband removed his birthday from his FB page. He claims it is because he doesn't want anyone to make a fuss about or even bother to wish him a Happy Birthday. However, I recall his birthday a few years ago when his parents didn't call him.. He was crushed. He claimed he didn't care, but he seriously wouldn't shut up about it. He "hates" when his family calls and wants to take him to dinner. He insists it's making too big of a fuss. He doesn't have any immediate family in the area and he has had two friends his entire life: One lives a few states away and the other is in jail..

Thou doth protest too much!

It all leads me to believe that all these people are attention seekers. By repeatedly insisting they don't want attention, they are clamoring for it. Everyone knows it. It's like the people who 'insist' they hate drama. They are usually the ones who create drama where there is none and make a mountain out of a molehill. The more someone insists they hate drama, the more I'm inclined to stay away from them. "I hate drama so I stay away from it" is one thing.. "I hate that all females get jealous and hate me for being beautiful/driving a nice car/wanting to be with my boyfriend" and the ones that insist they have "haters" are the red flags. They obviously need attention and I honestly feel bad for them.

Do you know any "drama queens" or do you do your best to steer clear?


  1. I DO hate drama and I Do stay away from it. Ewww.. why the drama right? Why seek attention like that? Are they that unhappy in their life? I can't stand the chronic twitter complainers too. Ugh! :)

    Great post!

    1. It's just another one of those things I thought we would grow out of when we were adults. I guess not :(