Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blog Challenge: Day 21

"What Are Your Hopes For Your Own Future?"

I have a lot of hope for my future, despite what seems to be happening to the world.

I hope my daughter grows into a sane, functioning adult. I hope I haven't screwed her up too much by the time she is on her own. I hope she doesn't hate me for not staying with her Father. Some people just aren't meant to be together.

I hope I age like my Grandma. She is 90 and still going. She works part time and mostly has her wits about her. At times, we will have the same conversation a bunch of times in a row so I know she is losing it but at least she still remembers things 80% of the time. She is doing better than most her age. She is both fun to be around and funny.

I hope gas prices go down. I hope this happens in the very near future. :)

I hope the economy bounces back. I hate that we are handing down a financial mess to the next generation. They need the government to look out for them, not their own selfish needs. I'm pretty sure that hope is the equivalent to grasping at straws, but I still have hope.

I hope I have a job and career I love one day. I'm grateful to have been a stay-at-home Mom and I don't judge others for saying it's their dream, but it is not for me. Before I had my daughter, I worked to survive and I worked to live. I want to find a job that fits me.

I hope one day I can get everything organized the way I want it. I have the materials and the know-how, but there is so much to do. It's a little hard to get motivated, as I have stated before.

What hopes do you have for the future?

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