Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blog Challenge: Day 13

"Your Opinion Of Your Body & How You Feel About It"

How do I feel about my body? The word UGH comes to mind.
I am working on a weight loss regimen and I hope to be comfortable enough in the near future to post pics. For now, I am truly unhappy with how I look. It's sad and liberating to admit that.
That being said, there are a few things I like.
My eyes are an awesome blue. They change shade to mimic what I'm wearing. When I wear dark colors, they go navy blue. When I wear white, they are a clear blue. I'm so glad my daughter got them!
My feet are a little on the small side but I have never had a problem finding shoes :)  I get called "tiny feet" but I like them. 
I like being short. Sure, it's annoying I can't reach the top shelf, but that's why step-stools were invented. I get made fun of by some people I know (meanies!) but I could really care less.
Everyone has their hang-ups about their bodies. I am no different.

What do you love/hate about your body?


  1. I'll admit it. I'm a lil over weight for my liking however, because I've been this way for 2 years, I am now embracing what is good about it and although not 100% happy, I do love myself. :) I don't think anyone is ever 100% happy with themselves. Why? I don't know. But if you embrace who you are today, and love yourself for who you are today, others will see it too.

    Hang in there gf. Women are just never happy.....even supermodels. :)