Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blog Challenge: Day 25

"Something You're Currently Worried About"

My biggest worry at the moment is my Mini starting Kindergarten in September. It's not so much "I can't believe she is so big" or her (therefore I am) getting older that is bothering me...
It's the going full time that is getting me the most. 
Being a stay-at-home Mom means I have been responsible for her 24/7 since birth. She went to Pre-K for two and a half hours Monday through Friday, but I picked her up and dropped her off. I was pretty much controlling her every move. Due to her late registration, there were only two Pre-K classes in the school she was in.

Now she is going on to K and it is gut-wrenching for me. I am not a helicopter parent by any means. I try to get Mini to be independent and figure things out on her own, which she does for the most part. I have done my best to make sure she knows I love her and I am here if she needs me and she understands that. She is a pretty go-with-the-flow type of kid, which I am eternally grateful for. I hope she never loses that ability to adapt.

That being said, she is also painfully shy. It takes her a long time to warm up to someone and that's when I'm right there, encouraging her. She is used to having me around for whatever she needs and I don't know how she will cope with being away from me all day. I signed her up for a vacation bible school at a local church (at my Baptist parent's suggestion) and the only reason I could leave her is because one of my sisters was with her. She asked me to stay for the opening and wouldn't let me leave until they dismissed to classrooms.

I just honestly don't know how she will react. She has been pretty adaptable but the only major change she has experienced is us moving from an apartment to a house and she handled that like a champ. I think she was just so excited to finally have her own room and area that she forgot it was a major switch.

As I am seeing it, I am putting her on a bus in the morning (with a stranger) and sending her off to school (with more strangers) for them to put her on the bus home (with the same stranger as the morning) and then she will be home to me. That is a 7 hour day. It will take some getting used to for both of us. I don't want to start looking for work until I see what her schedule is and what she will need from me each day (homework!) and how the full day will start to affect her.
It's just what's stressing me out right now. At times, I have to close my eyes, tilt my head back and breathe, just forgetting about it for the time being because the thought is too much.

What are you worrying about right now?

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